hey,can you see that? there's a horse =)

i always dream for a horse in my house yard
but it seems too far

how the river looks before winter
so far,this is a picture of autumn

imagine that you are the one who standing high,taking this picture
what a nice view 
houses of them
much different from us
how nice
an entry to somewhere
entering by a horse.. maybe??hahaa
seems like there should be a castle of sleeping beauty inside there
far far away

too much imaginations on this picture 
how i hope i was there taking this picture

nice view with thick mist

pictures above are somewhere in Greece
which like places in fairy tales

pictures taken while i was blogwalking

i hope
someday in future
i could travel around ALONE
to places like this

a place like Greece
paradise on earth.


best event ever ..

i m not going to write a long essay in my blog since here's just a place to share my things right??
ok,check out some pictures below...
about the members of my class  ,A1 WILLAIM WORDSWORTH 

this is Opie,beaut from my class
she was holding a balloon filled with water
she got her outfit all wet already

this is a game of "give and take"

AHA!they were ready for the game,
happy faces without knowing what's going next

and...this was what going next after they took the photo"PERGHHH"
"we are AWESOME!!!"
"A1 ??"
young ladies with funny faces and posing

sofia(middle) always ready for cameras ,hahaha
she's damn cool in person.

"hey A1"(took out camera)

while they were ready for the game

the fashion show
queen-look from A1
damn damn cool

ok,here we are.

and lastly ,happy birthday Malaysia
we are proud to be Malaysian.
one more thing is 
i love KIC,i love A1.



Hey hey,today i m going to show you the making of my favourite food-CARBONARA SPAGHETTI : )
It takes only half an hour.
Dear readers,follow my easy steps!
You are turning to be a western chef  ^0^

First,prepare ingredients below.
1)2 cans of Prego's Carbonara (depends on how many people you cook for,like me,i cook for four adults)
2)sliced hotdogs and mushroom(you can choose your own favourite food)
3)1 pack of spaghetti.

Simple right? Ingredients above can easily be found in Tesco,Jusco or mini market.

Ok,lets start!
First step: pour two cans of carbonara sause into your pan,add one and a half cans of water into it.

Second step: put sliced mushroom and hotdogs into the pan and cook it together.

On the other hand,u can start to cook for the spaghetti in another pot.

Last step:Take out the spaghetti,put it on plate,cover by carbonara sause.
and...........HEY,Here you are!

The final look of the spaghetti :)
Easy right??HAH
Try to cook it for the one you love or the one you hate,HAHAHA!
enjoy your day =)

MY pet

i was trying to give it some freedom for running in my room but it seemed like wanna go back to its home^^

hey hey,mini hamster!!!

this was how it looks when we first met and i put it on my table enjoying air-con with me in my room=>

Ok,comes to here,i would like to introduce it.
this is my hamster,A Bui (fatty)^0^

New member in my home since 8th May 2011.
A Lovely present from Koo.(my "ehemm"(^\\^) )

Here's some photos i captured for it...i just randomly choose some to show you guys  = >

haha,its fatter look ,after few months in my house.
this's how it looks whenever I pass by =)

my fluffy and I    ^0^
our only pic

A Bui is greedy for food,it likes to eat carrots,vegetables,fruits and rice^ ^

Shhhh....it's sleeping.. cute right??
it's my precious :)
it was obese at that time because of non-stop eating.
I miss it so much since i study in Cyberjaya.
It's getting thinner now, i dont know why ='<

Next Monday(8.5.2012) will be Ah Bui one-year-old birthday,but sadly i will be heading to Pangkor Island at that time.

Whatsoever,it knows how much i love it =)


MY favourite artist

She's a local singer who comes from Labuan Island.

On 15th January 2007,
Karen released her very first album in Malay version,Mulakan, which make her famous.
the song"cinta hello kitty",resulted Karen in getting famous on Youtube .She has over 400k++ viewers for that particular music video.

On 27th October 2007
After the increasing of her supporters and fans,
in the same year, she released her first Mandarin album, Showtime.
which made her even more famous since then.

She impressed me much since first time I went for her promotional tour at Summit shopping centre,Batu Pahat.

 she was singing live right in front of me!!!

Her voice is extraordinary,superb,ANGELIC and she looks gorgeous + sweet as well.
I was extremely excited at the very first moment she stepped on stage,saying,"Hello everyone,I m Karen Kong''.

got sponsor from MUNCHY
Since then,she got sponsor from MUNCHY company for her mini concert as a reward for her fans.

Her fans has increased after her promotional tour all around Malaysia.

Due to that,she has her fans club given the name "KFC" which represented Karen's Fans Club.
Additionally,she becomes the speaker of Eco-brown,Sunsilk,and so-on in Malaysia and Taiwan.

She's getting famous and busy but she still produces music videos on YOUTUBE during festivals to greet her fans.
Comments like
were received from her fans.

In year 2009,
Due to her potential in singing,
Universal Music decided to bring her international recognition by re-launching her career in Taiwan.

10 July 2009,
 Another new album,I'm Karen is released to serves an introduction of the rising star to Chinese music fans in Taiwan.

3 January 2010
She was asked to represent Malaysia to Hong Kong due to her angelic voice for performance and met with many competitor from Taiwan,China,Macau and Hong Kong through TV show "The Voice''. The song she sang was "in love again" from her second album.

she is also an artist,model for magazines and newspapers.

she's the one i adore MUCH.



Heylo readers,my name is CHAI FERN.
Come from Muar,Johor.
Studying at Kirkby International College,Cyberjaya in A1 William Wordsworth.
I have got 2 sisters,I'm the youngest one.
Born in 3 August 1993.
I love traveling.